Cuckoo (BBC) Season 1 Review “Grandfather’s Cat”

This week’s Cuckoo, ‘Grandfather’s Cat’, is a good old-fashioned sitcom episode with a hilariously ludicrous situation matched with some pretty brilliant visual gags and embarrassing situations that take you back to some of the genre’s best episodes.

Crucially, the episode is built around an incredibly silly, if a little bit sad, conceit, and Ken’s strainedrelationship with Cuckoo actually takes a back seat. I suppose after last week’s drug-fuelled bonding session, another two-hander at this point would have been overkill. At the start of the episode, the family go to see Lorna’s father for the first time with Cuckoo in tow. Assuming the culture clash between the older patriarch and new age grandson-in-law would provide the laughter, the episode’s success actually rides entirely on Greg Davies’ performance. Read More...


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