Fresh Meat (Channel 4) Series 2 Episode 2 Review

This week’s Fresh Meat gets back to basics with some hilariously mundane student situations, amplified and overblown for our viewing pleasure. JP gets a killer illness, Josie and Kingsley’s stand-off continues, and Vod gets a job as a hotel cleaner.

Something that’s not quite working for me in this second series of Fresh Meat is the focus on Josie and Kingsley as the two main characters. Last year their story was part of an ensemble of equally interested plot-lines but now there’s an unwanted insistence on the couple being the primary focus. Some viewers may enjoy them more than me, of course, but her jealousy over Heather’s presence in the house could get old pretty fast. I’m almost certain that Kingsley first instinct was right, and his new girlfriend (or ‘official’ stalker) is obsessed with him. Josie’s aggressive show of self-defense was funny, and showed her up for the flawed and irrational person she can be. Read More...


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