We all figured an episode centered on Neville (and thus centered on the excellent Giancarlo Esposito) was bound to be a good one, and luckily, our expectations were pretty well met.

Seeing that Neville was a guy who was letting everyone run over him in his daily life, from the boss who casually fired him to the neighbor who didn’t respect him, while he was building up a lot of rage inside him worked – especially with Esposito so expertly playing this guy putting on a happy face, who was filled with a ton of anger, frustration and violence just ready to explode. While we still have plenty of more steps to see how he became a big part of Monroe’s militia, we saw him take his first life in the aftermath of the revolution, crossing a line and transforming in a way that would allow him to so drastically reinvent himself. Read More...


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Nov 5, 2012 3:19AM EST

Next time let the train blow up and if your lucky Danny will survive they could have separated the engine from the other part of the train and still blow up the train and saved Danny but that would require intelligence and the team charlie does not have that.

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