'The Walking Dead' Premiere Recap: Walker Carnage at the Prison

Some people complained that The Walking Dead last year had way too much arguing inside a farmhouse and far too little battling the undead. The premiere makes up for all the lack of walkers last season, and by cramming as much walker gore as you can in 60 minutes. It's definitely far more thrilling than 60 minute shouting matches outside of a barn. The Walking Dead has also graduated past farmhouses and has now moved on to the much bigger and scarier prison.

The crew has changed a lot since we last saw them. They're dirtier, thinner and unhappier. They've now become "zombie busters" who mercilessly slaughter the walkers and scrounge whatever supplies they can find -- though Rick isn't willing to resort to dog food. Everyone in the crew, including young Carl, is willing to jab walkers in the face with crowbars or put a bullet in a walker's head. Read More...



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