'Revenge' Recap: The Mother is No Longer Hidden

Revenge has finally revealed where Emily's mother has been. Most shows would have tried to squeeze this mystery out for an entire season. Revenge is the TV show equivalent of a 12-year-old child who just chugged five bottles of Coke. The pace of this show has always made a cheetah seem slow, but this season has made it a goal to drop about 10 plot twists an episode. So we shouldn't be surprised that this reveal has already happened, but how could we have predicted what she had been up to?
The White Haired Assassin Was in Love

Did anyone think the cold and calculated killer had any room for things like love? Who would have thought that love would have been for Emily's mom? Apparently, those two love birds also found time to run a motel. A motel that seems to be near the Hamptons, but obviously, it was too run down to ever be graced by any of the main characters. Actually, considering how snobby the Graysons and crew are, a dismal motel is probably the best place ever to hide the mother.  Read More...



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