'Dexter' Recap: Breaking Free From Deb's Watchful Eye

If last week was about Dexter's world closing in around him with Louis and Deb on his back, this week he tries to take care of business. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to him, Dexter's killing of Viktor becomes exposed.
Ready to Kill
Poor Dex, being suffocated by his sister's watchful eye, is able to keep his Dark Passenger calm. He sees death everywhere -- imaging him doing it, of course: there's the woman behind the desk at the post office, there's Vince who keeps being nosy during a station meeting and then he finally snaps with a suspect who's being smart with him. Dexter ends up choking him before Deb intervenes.
So yeah, Dexter is hungry.

He uncovers an easy target, Speltzer, who only works as a groundskeeper at a cemetery -- fitting, Dexter says -- but seems to have been a suspect in many brutal killings of women. He lets Deb in on his urge to kill and his plan, as he's trying to be honest. But the truth hurts, and Deb can't and won't accept that -- even when Dexter clues her in that Speltzer is ready to kill because he's shaved his head, which is a pattern he found from his mugshots. Read More...



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