'The Amazing Race' Recap: A Balancing Act Will Fail for One Team

This week on The Amazing Race, the teams continue along Indonesia -- a bit boringly -- where the name of the game is a balancing act, with a bunch of plates and a lion's head, and there's a U-Turn thrown into the mix. Will any team U-Turn another, anonymously? Along the way, a number of teams ban together to work, while one team would rather not follow the pack.Don't Drop That ... 
Even though the teams take off in order of finish from the last race, the twins, Texas and Chippendales team up to get to a restaurant. But the twins somehow get lost because their driver doesn't follow the others. 

At the restaurant, the teams must serve a Padang Meal, consisting of 20 plates. Drop anything, and they must return to the kitchen. When Lexi's plates shatter loudly on the floor, splattering food everywhere, I can't help but think how a ridiculous amount of food is being wasted. Read More...



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