'Homeland' Recap: Carrie and Brody Get What They Both Need -- Closure and Control

"I prepared to die."
That's something Brody's prepared to say to a gathering of wounded veterans -- had he actually gotten a chance to give the speech. (We'll get to where he was in a moment.)
But that's a statement and a choice that Carrie comes to embrace at one point during this episode as well. It's a brief moment and one she regrets (and does something about) relatively quickly, but it's one that she acts on at first.
Not being allowed back into the CIA's good graces after the successful mission in Beirut causes Carrie to slowly descend back into her old ways. She didn't want back in the CIA -- she initially told Saul as much. But once she is successful in the Beirut mission, she wants back in ... badly.

She starts by retreating from her father's home and returning to her own. She even dresses up as a fake married woman for a night on the town, but looking for someone to sleep with -- something she has not done since the pilot. Read More...



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