'Haven' Review: The Trouble with Water

As if the Troubles aren't bad enough, nowHaven has a serial killer on the loose? Add to that a super-secret militia, killer water sports, secret millionaires and past-life regression and you get... Actually you get a pretty normal -- although excellent -- episode of Haven.
Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water...The Trouble of the Week in "Over My Head" is water. Killer water. In a seaside town, this is not a good thing.It all begins with a hydrophobic man's swimming lesson in the world's smallest public pool. The guy's fears turn out to be justified when his nice, "You won't drown!" swimming instructor gets eaten by an invisible shark. Later on, Mr. Hydrophobia is proven even more correct when he drowns in his shower.

The water-related Troubles keep on going from there. A man with a suspiciously French-Canadian accent gets hit by a tidal wave in his car. A friendly neighbor suddenly finds himself covered in swarming crabs. Duke is suddenly soaked and drowning (don't worry -- Audrey does mouth-to-mouth to save the guy). What could it all mean? Read More...



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