'Fringe' Review: Why We Need Historians and Dermatologists

In this episode of Fringe, "The Recordist," the team has to deal with creepy skin fungus, Walter's poor organizational skills, Olivia's maternal insecurity, Loyalist pursuit and an irritable historian. 

It's a wonder they make it out alive sometimes.
They Shouldn't Have Left Walter in Charge of the Tapes

Walter likes drugs. And licorice. Is this really the man you want devising a complicated scavenger hunt that will save the human race?

Oh well. It's too late for the Fringe team, so they have to make do. Once Astrid (not Walter) cuts a tape out of the amber, the whole team gathers to watch. Because this is a Betamax tape and not something sensible like a DVD or a USB stick, the message is corrupted. They still learn enough to head off to the wilds of Pennsylvania. Read More...



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