Supernatural Season 8 Review “Heartache” – Welcome Back to Season One, Kiddies!

Jensen Ackles once again took to the director’s chair for this episode of Supernatural, called "Heartache." In it the boys hunted down an ancient foe, Jensen’s dad made a guest appearance and things between Sam and Dean felt very familiar.

Normally I’d be mad for getting fooled into thinking we were getting a whole lot more of that scene with Sam and Amelia, but this episode was so darn good, I really didn’t care.

In so many ways I feel like this episode rewound us back to season one, which I’m not saying is a bad thing at all. First up, we’ve got ourselves a Dean who loves hunting and wants his brother with him. Then we’ve got ourselves a Sam who just wants to live a normal life and maybe even go back to school.

But I think, if anything, this current scenario is even better than what we had in the beginning of this series. Now, Sam and Dean have a lot more years under their belt and I think both of their decisions come from a place of maturity. Back in season one, it felt more like Sam wanted a normal life just so he could rebel against his upbringing, and Dean wanted to hunt because he was just a young guy wanting to follow in the footsteps of his old man. Read More...


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