Arrow Season 1 Review “Honor Thy Father”

The second episode of Arrow continued to deliver soapy superhero eyecandy this week in "Honor Thy Father." Thus far, the targets of Arrow‘s hit list have mostly been among the wealthy and powerful – members of society who might not be considered criminals to the unsuspecting public. Arrow‘s targets are the kind of people that pull the strings behind the scenes and benefit financially before issuing an assassination order. They play dirty without ever getting their own hands soiled.

This was the case with Martin Sommers whose professional, congenial demeanor hid ties to a notorious crime organization known as The Triad. In exchange for providing The Triad a port for drug trafficking, Martin profited handsomely.

How Martin was tied to Queen Industries and to Oliver’s father isn’t exactly clear. Through Oliver’s flashbacks of the island we saw how Oliver came to possess the notebook which appeared blank when Oliver first opened it. It’s possible that the names were written in that notebook using a special invisible ink, but it also seems possible that Oliver wrote those names into the notebook himself over the course of his time on the island. Read More...


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