The Neighbors Season 1 Review”Bathroom Etiquette” – School Daze

You might recall that last week’s review was titled "Bathroom Etiquette." That was an error on my part–last week’s episode was actually called "Things Just Got Real." My apologies.  Anyway, onto the review of the real "Bathroom Etiquette!"

Firstly, let’s talk about what we learn about the Zabvronians this time around:

  • They keep their gardens in their bathrooms
  • To teach their children, they provide them with the brains of their elders for consumption
  • They have three anuses (apologies for any NSFW-ness, but they talked about it in the episode)
  • The children and parents routinely profess their love for each other

All of this comes into play during this episode, the episode in which the alien children take in their first day of school. It’s without a doubt the storyline involving Dick Butkus (my favorite kid Zabvronian) was the strongest. Thanks to Debbie’s meddling (or, as she calls it, teaching the human ways to the Zabvronian family), Dick now thinks that he could be tormented by the other kids because he’s new and different. To counteract that, Dick hits Max in the stomach to prove he’s the stronger kid and not worth teasing. This, of course, lands both Max and Dick in the principal’s office. Larry,who has a simmering hatred for humans in general, thinks this proves that his child is the victor, but Debbie and Marty say otherwise. Read More...


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