Criminal Minds Review: Dysfunction Junction

"Through the Looking Glass" pitted the BAU against an unsub who had a difficult time dealing with his disappointment around the lack of idyllic families. After murdering the first of two, he decided to teach the second family a lesson. 

It wasn't quite so easy this week to sympathize with our UnSub I suppose. As Blake said, "there is no such thing as an ideal family."

Mind you, the Acklins pretty much epitomized the dysfunction junction of families, so perhaps he couldn't have picked a better group to satisfy his goal to ensure that they "appreciate what they had," what with those blank bullets and all. Their list of sins didn't seem all that spectacular. just a little banal: dad was unfaithful, mom was a shopaholic and daughter was either a recreational druggie or junkie. Although it was a little unsettling to find out that mom's view of homicide was a little bit...flexible. Read More...


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