30 Rock Season 7 Review “Stride of Pride”

Back in 1997, a visionary (on NBC!), fed up with the stress of normal holidays decided to proffer a newholiday. All those that wished to avoid the stress, anxious family dinners, and travel issues the holidayseason provides could partake in this man’s new holiday. Festivus captured the hearts of people everywhere with its simplicity. One of the chief activities in any Festivus dinner was the Airing of Grievances. Simply put, it was a time to make statements about the things that have been bothering you throughout the year. Frank Costanza pulled no punches when airing his grievances with his family members. Now, it seems that Tina Fey has gotten our Festivus party started early this year. She’s got some things she would like to say, and she’s going to use the final season of 30 Rock to do it. The social commentary is biting, unforgiving, and oh so hilarious. Read More...



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