Last Resort Season 1 Review “Voluntold”

Last Resort returned tonight with yet another great episode in "Voluntold", and it started out with a bit of a misdirect. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews how this show is going to come up with an excuse to get the crew back in the submarine every episode, and this time we see that they’re still running drills! I was just as surprised as the malcontent crew members that they were still going through the motions like this, so it was no surprise that some crewmen wanted to sign up to get off the boat.

The crew of the Colorado has been on the island for a week, and a bunch of people are starting to get restless. These ill feelings come to a head when somebody tried to kill the captain, saying he got the order from a higher authority. We soon find out that this higher authority was the Secretary of Defense himself, and I’m sure he’ll come into play in a big way in upcoming episodes. Read More...


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