Scandal Season 2 Review “Hunting Season”

Stuff just got real y’all. Scandal really decided to lay on the, well, scandal this week. NSA spying on American citizens. Fitz and Olivia breaking up (I think). Murder. Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

A few thoughts about "Hunting Season":

It’s gotta kinda suck when your ex-boyfriend is the president of the United States and he can find out everything he wants to know about your past. That’s actually really disconcerting. Fitz called Olivia under the pretext of fussing at her about Thorngate. But really, he called her because he was jealous. She hasn’t been taking his calls and then he saw a photograph of her with a senator she used to date. He was furious at her but at the same time, he wanted her. He needed her. But ever since Olivia took the case of the bishop and his mistress, she has been trying to break things off with Fitz. She still loves him. She still wants him. But she knows that she needs to walk away. But it’s really hard when he keeps calling her and sends the Secret Service to pick her up. It’s really hard to walk away when you love someone. Read More...


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