Parks and Recreation Review: Charm and Crabs

Count on Leslie Knope to do the right thing. Even if that right thing is tossing out condoms to senior citizens as if they're peanuts at a baseball game. 

On tonight's "Sex Education," the spotlight is shone on to one of the funnier community issues: sexually transmitted diseases among an older population.  However, one reason Parks and Recreation is such a wonderful show is because even while the series is hilarious, it's also tackling some important problems in our community.  

While the "Tom can't use technology" and sex education stories worked, I feel that the "Ann loses her individuality and dresses like her boyfriends" story felt a little contrived. It doesn't help that Ann's lines are typically the least comedic of any episode. When Ann says, "God, I'm off my comeback game right now," all I could think was if she's ever actually been on top of her comeback game! Read More...


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