OCTOBER 19, 2012 After two very decent episodes aboard deep-space mining vessel Red Dwarf, it felt it was time for series X to be a bit more adventurous. And thankfully, Lemons does just that. It’s classic Dwarf, with a ridiculous plot and some great gags. But perhaps the greatest quality of the episode is the chemistry of the four main characters. The first episode of series X was fairly Rimmer-heavy, while the second focussed almost exclusively on Lister. Lemons is a true four-hander, and allows the interplay between the show’s distinctive characters to really shine.

Continuing from last week's unique spin on the grandfather paradox, Lemons tackles another classic Sci-Fi sub-genre: alternate history. The boys are installing a rejuvenation shower – it’s made by a Swedish company and comes in flat-pack form, so things don’t exactly go to plan. The boys are beamed back in time to Albion (England), 23 AD. They’re stranded. Why? Because a wormhole has closed? Nope: in typically mundane Dwarf fashion, it’s because the batteries in the time travel device have run out. Read More...


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