Advance Review: Hunted, a BBC co-production, debuting Friday on Cinemax, gets off to a twisty, exciting start in exotic Tangiers. The very first scene features a Skin-a-max style hook-up between Sam Hunter (Melissa George) and some guy she's pretending to be into because she's, you know, a spy and all, but after that, everyone keeps their clothes on. I'll let you decide if that's a pro or a con.

There's quite a few nifty turns in the show's first few minutes, even before Sam's betrayed by one of her teammates and left for dead. Sadly, once the show returns to Britain it becomes more about Sam huddling in corners (a traumatic childhood plus the aforementioned betrayal has messed her up) and exchanging awful, cliche-ridden dialogue with her fellow spies. Even a cartoonish villain who cuts out a guy's eyeball does little to liven things up. Read More...


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