This week's "Going Native" started off strong as Cartman came bursting into the cafeteria with news that Butters had just beaten up the lowly and diabetic Scott Malkinson. Following a barrage of blunt (and decidedly spot-on) observations about the other boys, Butters soon learned that his newfound aggravation was due to his Hawaiian heritage. Within minutes, it was revealed that to overcome his transgressions, he would have to travel back to his "birth place" and confront his emotions head-on.

The big problem with this Hawaii plot wasn't so much the setting, but the fact that it solely relied on one in-joke. While I'm sure there are plenty of obnoxious Hawaiian "natives" like the ones depicted in this week's episode, the premise just wasn't broad enough to sell to an entire audience. Admittedly, yes, the sight of obvious tourists posing as indigenous Hawaiians is definitely funny, but only for the first few minutes. Following Butters' destruction of the cruise ship -- which was easily the highlight of the episode -- it was pretty much downhill from there, as the natives continued harping on the same Mahalo Rewards card bit. Read More...


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