The Sessions - Review

LOVE MAKING 'SESSIONS' Helen Hunt plays a ''therapeutic sex surrogate'' in this unconventional romance

Mark O'Brien, 38 years old and devoutly Catholic, hires a sex surrogate to relieve him of his virginity in The Sessions, and we watch him up close and in bed as he achieves his goal. But wait, there's more. Because of childhood polio, O'Brien (John Hawkes) can't move his body below his neck, and when he isn't lying flat in the iron lung that helps him breathe, he's lying flat on a gurney, bathed and fed by a rotation of attendants. Cheryl Cohen Greene (Helen Hunt), the woman he hires, is experienced at working with the disabled, and she strips naked to teach her client — whose equipment seems to have a mind of its own — about sensation, control, and cues. Mission accomplished! Read More...,,20620433,00.html


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