CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Unspoken”

The latest episode of "CSI: NY," somewhat appropriately entitled "Unspoken," was what I tend to think of as a "stunt" episode, by which I mean an episode of a show that seeks to set itself apart from typical episodes of the show at hand in some significant and noticeable way. More often than not, it involves a name guest star, but a "stunt" episode can also indicate a change in format that differs from the usual approach.

For instance, when it comes to crime procedurals, think an episode told from the victim’s point of view or the POV of the victim’s loved one(s) or even the perpetrator themselves. Perhaps the most notable of this sort of approach was found in the much beloved- and missed- series "Cold Case," which made a habit of featuring period-appropriate music for its copious flashbacks, but would also sometimes feature one artist in particular throughout the show, such as Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, and even an episode revolving around the music from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Read More...



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