Grimm Season 2 “The Other Side” Review – Anyone Else Miss Monroe?

Happy Friday, Grimm fans! Tonight we got to see quite a few things from our favorite fairy tale meets cop drama. The case that Nick and Hank were attempting to solve was really the secondary plot point in "The Other Side". The primary focus (and far more interesting) of the episode was the Renard and Juliette story, and how that’s been developing.

To get the case out of the way first – Nick and Hank are called to a murder scene where a high schoolboy has had his throat pretty much ripped out. Brandon was a member of a pretty competitive academic club, and winning would almost guarantee the victor a spot at an Ivy League school. Once another team member winds up dead, Nick and Hank realize that someone might be knocking out contestants to make certain that one particular student wins. When Nick discovers that the kid’s coach is actually a Wesen, he automatically assumes that it’s said coach… that is until he and Hank fiend Mr. Ankor dead in his apartment. Read More...


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