Dexter Season 7 Review “Run”- Dexter vs. The Minotaur

"Are you even capable of love?" – Debra Morgan
"I love you…" – Dexter Morgan

EEEUUUGGGHHH. Great. Well, here it is, ladies and gentlemen. My least favorite sub-plot in Dexterhistory makes a brief reappearance this week as Deb and Dex discuss their feelings in tonight’s otherwise solid episode "Run".

Debra’s creepy romantic feelings for Dexter was a huge sticking point last season. In a season that already had a lot of problems, most Dexter fans were a bit freaked out by Deb coming to realize that she might have these kinds of feelings for her adopted brother. Although some people will defend this development, pointing out that they aren’t technically related by blood, I was completely against it. These two have always been considered brother and sister on this show. That’s it. For the Dexter writers to pretend like they were setting anything like this up is just incorrect and irresponsible. Read More...


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