Nikita Review: Give Me the Damn Glock!

It's a whole new Division on Nikita Season 3, but in many ways it's just the same.

With Percy dead, Division has been revamped to do good. Ryan Fletcher's at the helm with Nikita and Michael by his side. The government offered amnesty to any former Division agents that came in; and while many did, some of the most dangerous decided to go rogue.

In "3.0," the first task of the new Division was to track down these rogue agents, The Dirty Thirty, and take care of them. Their inaugural mission was to hunt down Martin, who discretely killed a CIA asset in Hong Kong.

The mission didn't go according to plan at all. Martin was smart and got suspicious when the model he was sleeping with received a wrong number phone call. With that chaos ensued, Martin broke the model's neck and called the police to report the assault in the hopes that Nikita and Michael would be taken into custody.


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