Grimm Review: Hybrid 1, Hybrid 2

"The Other Side" sets its procedural story up as one large metaphor for the upcoming drama that is about to unfold.

I just wish the killer kid story hadn’t been used back-to-back.

Thankfully, Pierce being the culprit isn’t the main takeaway from the story – it’s his genetics. Pierce is half Lowen-half Genio Innocuo, and, because of that, if he can’t keep his emotions in check his violent side comes out. It’s a light twist to what Renard is going through.

The potion Adalind’s mother gave Renard brought out, or brought about, feelings of infatuation with Juliette when he kissed her awake. His obsessions are growing, and according to Monroe, it’s only going to get worse and worse. The infatuation is already beginning to influence his choices. Like Pierce, Renard’s compulsive obsession with Juliette seems to be driving him subconsciously, and those actions are beginning to affect his life directly. Read More...


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