The Mentalist Review: Daddy Dearest

As Jane said at the end of "Blood Feud," he'd rather regret taking action than regret taking no action at all. Did The Mentalist make the right call when he put Rigsby in the position to take his revenge and is that actually what Rigsby did?

I was thrilled to see Agent LaRoche back. His contentious relationship with Jane and the CBI team has always been entertaining. This time there seemed to be an added edge of intensity to their exchanges.

I've never felt much sympathy for Rigsby when it came to his violent criminal of a father. Perhaps I was too harsh but I've always believed that Wayne didn't know when to walk away and let Daddy fend for himself, especially when covering for him put Cho's career in danger. For once this storyline made me feel the pull of family ties. Read More...


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