With only a few episodes remaining, Earth's Mightiest Heroes is busying itself settling accounts and wrapping up loose threads. And one of the longest-lasting loose threads over the course of Season 2 has been the imprisonment of Captain Marvel and Ronan by S.W.O.R.D. "Operation Galactic Storm" finally returned the Kree Empire to the forefront and managed to deliver a very enjoyable and heart-wrenching episode in the process.

In last week's review of "New Avengers", I complained how Kang's doomsday prophecy from Season 1 was never resolved. As it turns out, that particular conflict was yet to come. This week we learned that the Kree's attempt to create a wormhole near Earth's sun is what caused the terrible destruction in Kang's future timeline. Furthermore, the final outcome rested entirely on Captain America's crucial, last-minute decision. I quickly shifted from being disappointed that such a major plot point was cast aside to being extremely happy with how it was resolved. The stakes in this episode were higher than they ever have been, and thus the emotional resonance was greater. Read More...


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