It's not just Brody's ride that gets that new car smell in this eponymous episode -- by episode's end, the show itself has it as well when Carrie arrests everyone's favorite dissident Marine. The jig is finally up for Brody, as Homeland prepares to chart undiscovered territory from this point forward.

The show reminds me more and more of Ron Moore's beloved Battlestar Galactica in the way it keeps surging ahead in its plot and overarching arc, mercilessly airlocking any viewer who dare miss an episode here or there. Of course, Moore's show occasionally took this approach to the extreme in its later seasons -- which Homeland has yet to do -- but there's something very satisfying about the fact that Brody's true nature can, from this point forward, never be unseen by Carrie, Saul and Estes. (And if it somehow is written away, I for one will be gravely concerned about the Homeland creators' true intentions.) Read More...



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