Man, did I have a tough time seeing Last Resort this week! DVR failed to record it (or any other Thursday night show), a busy Friday kept me from trying all day, then when I downloaded it via Amazon on my Roku, I had sound, but no picture!

All of which is to say, sorry this review is so late, but the good news is, once I did see the episode, I was rewarded with a very cool installment of Last Resort.

Damn, we certainly have a true villain on this show now with Curry, huh? Which is funny, since Jay Karnes’ performance has been almost all just his voice and a couple of moments of him on a screen. But not only did he ask a handful of specific crew members to take out Marcus and Sam by any means necessary this week, but he had the legitimately gasp-worthy moment where he ordered Brannen to set off his grenade – and thereby kill the entire crew of the Colorado to stop Marcus. It was a chilling and highly effective moment, and this slow build on Curry’s presence is a fun aspect of the show. Read More...


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