The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Don’t Haze Me, Bro”

This week’s The Good Wife was fairly standard but entertaining nonetheless. The case of the week was reasonably interesting. We were spared any more creepiness from Kalinda and her husband’s twisted relationship. Peter’s mother Jackie was having some issues. And I’m pretty sure Eli is going to get an ulcer before Peter’s campaign is over.

A few thoughts on "Don’t Haze Me, Bro":

The case of the week dealt with an issue that has been in the news a lot recently—hazing. The victim was a college freshman named Trey who was a member of the water polo team. At their annual party, where the upperclassmen regularly hazed the freshmen, Trey was killed when they held him under water too long. His parents were suing the university on the theory that the university knew about the hazing and did nothing to stop it. The defense attorney in this case, portrayed by John Glover, pulled out every trick in the book in defense of his client. I enjoyed his performance here. He did exactly what a good defense attorney is supposed to do. He presented alternative theories of the crime that were just as plausible as the theory the plaintiff asserted. I enjoyed the fact that he kept Alicia and Diane on their toes. They were ultimately able to prevail, and Diane got a little wind in her sails in the process. Read More...


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