Switched at Birth Review: She'll Be Fine

Well, if one thing can be said about "Street Noises Invade the House," it's this: did ANYone see that coming?!? The show managed to wrap up quite a bit in the mid season finale, so let's jump right in.

Right after Daphne got a new prescription to birth control pills, the owner of the restaurant pulled her aside to ask about her inappropriate relationship with Chef Jeff. Awkward! Seriously, it's about time someone other than me thinks adults dating high school girls is in bad taste, not to mention the power aspect to it.

As her boss (or teacher, as is all the rage on other ABC Family shows.. I'm looking at you Pretty Little Liars), Jeff had a responsibility to ensure she understood firmly where he was coming from. Factor in her age, and how easily teenage girls melt into romantic love, and there was all kinds of trouble brewing. No matter how wrong it was to begin with, it wasn't pretty when it ended. Seeing Daphne hurt from unrequited love was heart wrenching.  Read More...



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