'Gossip Girl' recap: A B in B's clothing


What an incredibly frustrating episode of Gossip Girl.

If I may recap from the top of Mount Holier Than Thou — I think every character on this show was secretly infected with some sort of crazy virus à la The Walking Dead, died (inside), activated the virus, and now roams the streets of New York calling themselves "mentors." Yup, there’s no other option because these people can’t be real. (Also, Sandra, newsflash: They’re not.)

Alas, in whatever warped reality in which Gossip Girl takes place, this week’s episode found Serena and Blair at each other’s throats in a pretty massive (and juvenile) way, Dan backstabbing his best bro, Serena playing big sis/mini-mom to Sage, and Sage just asking to be slapped. I get that this season was meant to test the relationships, but this isn’t a test. This is character implosion! Read More...



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