'Gossip Girl' Recap: A Wardrobe Malfunction on the Catwalk

'Gossip Girl' Recap: A Wardrobe Malfunction on the Catwalk

This week on Gossip Girl, everyone is shocked when something goes awry at a fashion show. This is completely unrealistic, as 'something goes horribly awry at a fashion show' could basically be the tag line for this series. Plus, since when is Serena "whoops there go my pants!" van der Woodsen suddenly the Parents Television Council? 

In other parts of the episode, Chuck throws around giant bags of money while sporting a fade like a 90's rapper. Rufus is shocked at Dan's behavior over his newest true love, Ivy, but his face is incapable of registering any emotion. 

Blair continues her quest to become a powerful woman by being force-fed IVs and getting shown up by teens in ugly underwear. And Sage, with her linebacker catwalk and stupid hat collection, continues to ruin everyone's life. 

This week's outing of the show was a fun throwback to the sort of fashion show schemes and social one-upmanship that once put this show on the map. With only ten episodes in this final season, however, it felt a bit like the show was spinning its wheels too much.  Read More...



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