'The Good Wife' Recap: Eli and Kalinda Prove No One Likes Being Lied About

'The Good Wife' Recap: Eli and Kalinda Prove No One Likes Being Lied About

Another football-induced late start on the East Coast for this week's The Good Wife, but it was worth the wait. With nary a hint of Nick in sight, we got the Kalinda we love, the Cary we've missed, the Diane who wins and the Eli who spins. Even wacky Jackie Florrick's back -- out of the hospital and on the road for Peter.

Meanwhile, it's a mixed few days for Alicia. Things are looking up financially for Lockhart & Gardner, but despite everyone's best efforts, Peter's campaign worker scandal won't die down -- yet.

Key Evidence
Here's the brief on this week's episode, "Don't Haze Me, Bro":

An angry Diane is a winning Diane. The case of the week finds Diane and Alicia pushing to prove that a Chicago university owes damages for the hazing death of a young water polo player, Trey. Though the actual killer is already serving time, the family believes the college knew about and even encouraged the hazing. The slippery defense attorney (John Glover, aka Lionel Luthor) keeps the Lockhart & Gardner team on their toes by continually changing the terms of the argument. It wasn't just hazing -- it was a sexual orientation hate crime! (The killer thought Trey was gay.) No, wait: it was a racial hate crime! (The killer and Trey pledged to rival fraternities, and Trey accused the other young man of "not being black enough.")  Read More...



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