'The Walking Dead' Review: Rick's Descent into Madness

'The Walking Dead' Review: Rick's Descent into Madness

Rick became a darker character last week, but now he is pitch black. It is hard to believe that the man who once eulogized a zombie is now swinging a machete in between the eyes of a human. Rick still wants to do the right things and cares for his crew, but his current form almost is a reincarnation of Shane. Will Rick be able to stay on the right side of sanity or will this season become one large tragedy play? There are moments Rick is still trying to cling to humanity and seems shocked by his own actions, but will those soon disappear in the coming episodes?

So Much for the New Guys

We've already learned that new humans often mean more trouble rather than help. Did anyone expect such a short appearance from the prisoners? Or more importantly, did you expect Rick to be responsible for two of the deaths? Sure, Tomas is insane and untrustworthy. He quickly turns Big Tiny's head into a bowl of blood soup, and that really isn't a guy you want to share dinner with. I can understand Rick not being a fan of a zombie being pushed into him. Does anyone think season 1 Rick would have responded by lodging a machete into the guy's head? Read More...



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