'The Amazing Race' Recap: Can the Comeback Kids Survive Again?

'The Amazing Race' Recap: Can the Comeback Kids Survive Again?

This week on The Amazing Race, the teams depart Indonesia for Bangladesh, where they will help refurbish a bus, pound metal or cotton or collect rats. In a move that surprises nobody, I'm sure, the teachers struggle to complete all of their tasks. Will they slide through the pit stop just in time or is their time up?

Super Fans Are Super Bad
The substitute teachers' inabilities to finish any task ahead of time finally catches up with them. There really is no excuse this week, since all the teams have taken the same flight to Bangladesh, giving everyone a fair start.

There are plenty of times where I'm thinking they might escape yet again, all things that aren't in their control. Team Texas' cab breaks down as they and the teachers are taking off from the first challenge as the bottom two. I have no idea why Texas doesn't just try hailing another cab, wasting valuable time standing around -- and eventually helps the cab driver get his car back on the road. Texas also doesn't follow the course to the pit stop correctly, forcing them to go back. Read More...



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