'Revenge' Review: A Mother's Love Can Be Fatal

'Revenge' Review: A Mother's Love Can Be Fatal

Don't you just hate it when you haven't seen a family member for over 10 years and then find their number one hobby is trying to kill you? If you do, then you have an idea what a bummer Emily's sort of reunion with her mother has been. Emily has been working hard to find her mother, but it doesn't look like the relationship will involve a mother and daughter tea. On the other hand, Emily closely observes the Graysons, and they are the greatest example of why families may be overrated.

The Truth About Mom

In one of the few times of actual truth telling, Victoria reveals to a pre-tumble over the balcony Amanda that mommy dearest was permanently locked away because she has a passion for trying to kill her daughter. You just can't get good technology these days, and Emily's phone malfunctions right before she can hear this revelation. Lucky for her, her mind decides to provide her with a flashback about her mother attempting to drown her as a child. It seems flashbacks of attempted murder occur when you see your mother stroking the hair of your coma-induced doppelganger.  Read More...



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