'Once Upon a Time' Review: Skin Myself a Crocodile

'Once Upon a Time' Review: Skin Myself a Crocodile

Once Upon a Time brings us the story of Captain Hook this week on "The Crocodile." As events become legends, they often get interpreted and misinterpreted throughout the years. Of course, Hook didn't lose his hand to an actual crocodile, that would be too simple. Rather, the crocodile was Rumple himself -- the crocodile-skinned Dark One.

Captain Hook and the Crocodile

In the past, Hook has always been a formidable and evil character in fairy tales, but in Once Upon a Time's interpretation, he's hot and not that bad of a guy. He may just fill the hot guy spot left vacant when The Sheriff was killed. (Yes, that's shallow, but it is television, right?) Sure, he's not necessarily a good guy either, but when compared to Rumple, the Evil Queen, the King, or Cora, he's a saint. Read More...



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