'Grimm' Review: Love is Often Hopeless

'Grimm' Review: Love is Often Hopeless

This episode of Grimm featured a nice double twist, Hank discovering that maybe not all Grimm's were as cool as Nick, and Renard realizing that he just might be in big trouble. 

A twist within a twist

This episode did a great job at keeping me guessing who the killer was. I was suspicious of Pierce all along, so when they made it look like he did it, I figured I was wrong. Then they sort of proved he didn't do it, while making it look like his mother did. But the final twist came when it turned out Pierce was the culprit all along. Well, at least the Lowen inside him was. Turns out mom mixed a little Lowen juice into her baby Genio Innocuo when he was still in utero. Talk about doing anything to make your kid smarter.  Read More...



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