'Supernatural' Recap: Eat Your Heart Out, Literally

'Supernatural' Recap: Eat Your Heart Out, Literally

This week Supernatural gets back to basics with a simple case that involves Mayan gods and people who eat hearts. It's pretty disgusting, but it all serves as a great, big metaphor for why Sam should NOT quit hunting. The problem is that he doesn't get the memo.

The Case of the Week

A series of people are having their hearts ripped out in Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado, continuing this season's trend of making sure every episode is set in at least three different states. Seriously, how can Sam and Dean possibly afford the gas?

All of the different suspects received organ transplants from Brick Holmes, who, despite having a name that makes him sound like a porn star, was a famous quarterback. It turns out he was actually an ancient Mayan athlete who made a deal with a god to live forever. He's lived as many great athletes over the years, but then he fell in love with a woman (who is now posing as his mom since she ages and he doesn't, which is just gross). Read More...



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