'Nikita' Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: A New Division Brings New Opportunities And Old Foes

Here we go again, agents. "Nikita" is back for a (somewhat miraculous) third season, and though Division has been given a makeover, the show is still the sleek, confident, kick-ass machine we all know and love.

It was clear that "3.0" was designed as an entry point for new viewers (fingers crossed for an extra million or so of them), which meant a fair amount of scene-setting and character reintroduction. Ryan Fletcher's monologue at the start of the episode gave a brief burst of backstory, but I hope we'll hear from some newcomers about how accessible they actually found the set-up in the comments.

As someone who has been with the show since Season 1, I was concerned that the soft reset of the story would result in a lot of repetition, but I clearly should've given the writers more credit. The dialogue seemed smooth and the exposition was enlightening without being too heavy-handed, and since "Nikita" has never talked down to its audience, I was relieved that showrunner Craig Silverstein trusted in the intelligence of the viewers and didn't attempt to hand-hold them through the story after the first few minutes. Read More...



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