'The Walking Dead' - 'Sick': You Don't Want To Know What's Outside

So, you’ve just been bitten by a Walker. Do you a) let Rick chop your leg off from the knee down, b) tell everyone that you’re feeling just fine or c) push the next Walker at Rick, letting it bear him to the ground?  If you picked ‘all of the above’ you’ve likely just watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Since gaining access to the prison, Rick and his crew have felt a freedom they haven’t felt since before the fall of Hershel’s farm. They have space, and who knows what is in the many areas of the prison? Food and medical equipment are always a priority, but what else lies within these walls?

Well, some out of touch prisoners, for one. A group of five prisoners were sequestered in the prison’s cafeteria for 292 (or 294 according to prisoner Andrew) days, feasting on the food that was stockpiled before the zombie onslaught. One prisoner, Tomas (Nick Gomez) had actually been given a pistol by a guard, just before they were locked into the area. These prisoners are not in on a medical marijuana charge – they are bad guys. How will they react when they discover that the world they left behind, the world of emails, telephones, even electricity, is no more? Read More...



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