'Homeland' Recap: New Car Smell (Season 2, Episode 4)

Well, that was unexpected. Last night’s episode of Homeland, titled "New Car Smell," took a turn that most assumed we wouldn’t see happen until at least Season Four. Due to the "confession" that Brody recorded before his aborted attempt at becoming a suicide bomber, the CIA now knows unequivocally that he is a terrorist who is working for Abu Nazir. At the end of the latest episode, Brody is taken into custody, a black bag over his head. So how did that happen? 

On his way back from Beirut, Saul is stopped by security forces at the airport. After being brought into a private room, a very calm and sinister-looking man opens Saul’s briefcase which is clearly marked "Do Not Open." Saul tells him that opening the briefcase and/or examining its contents could set off a serious international incident. The man doesn’t seem to care and we get the sense that his loyalty resides with someone unconcerned with diplomatic ethics. Abu Nazir, maybe? The man finds the small memory drive that we know has Brody’s confession on it. He puts it in his pocket and tells Saul never to return to this country.  Read More...



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