'The Vampire Diaries' Recap 4x02: 'Memorial'

"I am in environmental clean-up."

With that line, vampire hunter Connor indicates he’s not going to be like his predecessor, Alaric. He won’t be making friends with vampires anytime soon.

After a slow, yet important season premiere, this new episode of The Vampire Diaries continues its tradition of going for the jugular and doesn’t let up… until the end when we get a poignant and completely earned ending.

Stefan and Damon argue all episode long over how best to truly transition Elena into a vampire. In other words, can she avoid the bloodlust for human blood that affects all newborns? Can she avoid becoming the horrible monster Damon and Stefan were at different times?

At first, it doesn’t appear so. She throws up all animal blood she drinks. She even throws up Damon’s blood. (Which Stefan was not happy to hear she drank. Apparently, that’s kind of like cheating in the vampire world.) Read More...



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