'Arrow' Recap: Episode 2: 'Honor Thy Father'

Previously on "Arrow":  We were introduced to Oliver Queen, a billionaire play-boy, just as his yacht capsized.  He was canoodling with a girl later identified as his former girlfriend’s sister.  She dies.  He ends up stranded on a life boat with his dad and some other guy, and his father perhaps delirious from the recent events, decides that Oliver is the sole person that can right all of his wrongs, and promptly kills the other guy, and then himself.  Oliver ends up on an island – gets rescued – and returns to his home where he is a care-free play-boy by day and a green hooded archer by night taking down Starling City bad guys.  Oh yea, and his mother is evil.

Episode two, "Honor Thy Father," wastes little time in identifying this week’s target:  Mr. Martin Somers, a shady businessman who is connected to the Triad.  Somers it seems had an innocent dock worker killed after he found out something he shouldn’t have. Read More...



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