Parenthood Season 4: Ray Romano And Lauren Graham On Hank and Sarah’s Storyline

Fans of Parenthood are probably itching to know more about the relationship between Hank Rizzoli and Sarah Braverman. TV Equals was happy to participate in a conference call with Ray Romano and Lauren Graham to learn more about their characters, the developments in the relationship and more.

Becoming a part of Parenthood

Romano talked about how he became a part of a show he was originally a fan of. "Well I was a fan of the show. I watched the show since the beginning and I was on my show while it was on. And just – I just likethe tone of it and it’s -there’s nothing quite being done like that on television," he said. "I knew [executive producer] Jason Katims…And I knew him and we had been in touch, you know. He was a fan of my show. I was a fan of his show. And then unfortunately my show no longer existed. And in between trying to find out what to do next I had been speaking to Jason and I believe I put it out there first. Kind of jokingly I said, ‘Hey, if you ever find something for me I work cheap.’" Jokingly, he added, "…[H]e took me up on it and cheap it is but I’m still happy to do it." Read More...


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