Vegas Season 1 Review “(Il)Legitimate”

Vegas is quickly becoming one of my favorite new shows of the season. The writing is solid and the cast was wonderfully chosen. Of course, I’m partial to modern day Westerns, but that doesn’t in any way diminish how good Vegas is.

A few thoughts on "(Il)Legitimate":

The case of the week centered on a maid at one of the casinos that was a major voice in the casino workers union. The union rep wanted the workers to strike because that’s what would be best for the Milwaukee mob that owned that union, but Estelle told them they needed to wait until their contracts expired in six months. Shortly after that, Estelle was mowed down by a hit and run driver. Initially, it looked like the mob may have taken her out because of her union involvement. However, during the course of the investigation Lamb and Co. discovered that Estelle, a Black maid, was the daughter of a wealthy white man. Estelle’s father was keeping her a secret, but he was also paying for her college education. One of the white maids that worked with Estelle got jealous and killed her. The killer felt like she was the one who deserved to get a college education paid for by a rich father. Not Estelle. She was the one that shouldn’t have to spend her life cleaning up after other people. Not Estelle. This was the second episode in which Vegas addressed the race issue, and they did it in a much more direct way this time. I got the impression that if Estelle had been white, the killer wouldn’t have been as angry about Estelle being taken care of by her father. Read More...


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