Ben and Kate Season 1 Review “Emergency Kit”

With "Emergency Kit," Ben and Kate is really working on expanding its world, and it ends up hitting a little and missing a little, alternately. The core of the episode, which centers on Ben bucking up against Kate’s overprotective parental anxiety, is strong, and provides the most reliable laughs of the night. That’s proof to me that, even when the episode isn’t as consistently hilarious as the last few have been,the basic engine of the show is enough to keep it going for a long while to come.

Tommy and BJ had a pretty good night too. Although we didn’t get any clear development of Kate and Tommy’s possible romantic involvement hinted at in the end of last week’s episode, he does shift towards the middle from his previous position solidly on Ben’s side. The way both Fox siblings use the same reverse psychology trick on him is delightful, as is his complete inability to lie about being sent to spy. Read More...


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